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    Why Move to Texas?

    The Lone Star State

    Texas certainly has an indelible image ingrained in the minds of most Americans. That image may serve to attract many to the state while deterring others. If you happen to count yourself amongst the latter group or are sitting on the fence as to the prospect of moving to Texas, those who call The Lone Star State home encourage you to keep an open mind about all it has to offer.

Texas Has It All

Texas is one of the few places on Earth that can back up the claim of literally having it all. From major cities to quaint rural communities, you’ll find the ideal environment to call home. Speaking of the environment, as the largest contiguous U.S. state, Texas offers everything from the maritime climate of the Gulf Coast to the dry heat of west Texas, with both experiencing fairly mild winters.

Vast Growth Opportunities

You’ll also find variety in every other facet in life in Texas. Agriculture and industry are both prevalent here, while recent years have seen exponential growth in the tech sector. If you’re looking to further your career aspirations, Texas is home to more than 200 institutions for higher learning. Several of those schools are also known for their success in what’s become the state’s unofficial religion: football.

Safety and Security

The lack of a state income tax along with a deregulated energy market which allows you to shop around for traditional and renewable power sources are just a couple more reasons to call Texas home. Yet what of the state’s reputation of being a land of the lawless? Research by Cleburne criminal defense workers shows that many of Texas’ smaller communities have crime rates lower than the national average.

It's a Texas Thing

Some Things Are Only Found in Texas

Yet perhaps the best selling point for moving to Texas is the state itself. It offers a natural beauty and rich history that few other places in the U.S., or the world, can match. Even the live music sounds a bit sweeter and the barbeque tastes a little bit saucier. You’ll quickly discover the same pride for all things Texas should you choose to make it your new home.